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Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

I am pumped that Tofurky rolled out vegan ham so now we have a good vegan ham roast product. You can do anything with it. I've made it regular. I've made it in the slow cooker. I've made it in the instant pot. I have used the leftovers for things life ham sandwiches, ham salad, and I will use it for Italian Easter Ham Pie (the recipe is in my book, The Dirty Vegan Cookbook) and today I used it for Hawaiian Pizza.

Last night I made a wonderful roast with the ham and a bunch of vegetables in my instant pot. I used minimal seasoning because the Tofurky ham is so salty. That's a great thing about this product; you can use it in dishes and get away with using little to no salt. I reserved some ham from the instant pot meal to cut into cubes for this amazing pizza.

For the pizza (in this order), I just used pre-made, ready-to-use whole wheat dough from Whole Foods, one packet of teriyaki sauce (from the Gardein teriyaki chickenless product), 3/4 bag Daiya mozzarella cheese, Tofurky ham, pineapple, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, black pepper, a pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt, and extra-virgin olive oil (drizzled on top). I baked this at the oven temperature recommended on the package of pizza dough, 450 degrees, for 12 minutes, and it came out perfect.


And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Go ham (or go Jon Hamm), it's Friday!!!

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