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Saved by the Vegan Lipsticks

So I’ve been experimenting with these amazing vegan and cruelty-free Saved by the Bell liquid lipsticks by Sola Look and I’m in love with them. They sent them to me and I’ve had them for a bit, but I wanted to really try them out before I did a review, so I can let y’all know how they wore while eating, wearing all day long, and my experience with using them. Here we go! 

Such cute packaging, amiright?!?! Brings me back to my Bayside Days, haha!!

So this is what the package looks like with the three lipsticks: Lisa, Kelly, Jessie.

Here’s the Lisa swatch. A gorgeous berry color, very pigmented and metallic. Makes your lips look luscious!

This color is VERY everyday wearable.

I love this shade.

Here’s the Kelly swatch. Turn down the volume on this color! Haha, but I do love it. Just pretty bright.

I found a good balance with wearing Kelly; don’t plaster it on or load it up with layers. You can go easy with this color and it looks very natural. 

You can see the metallic shine. 

Here’s the swatch for Jessie and if it wasn’t already named, I would call it bronze goddess. You’ll see why...

BAM! Ready for summer looking like an academy award and I ain’t even mad about it.

This will most certainly be my summer go-to shade. It goes awesome with my skin tone and I would say it’s very beach-friendly.

My verdict: these lipsticks remind me of back-in-the-day color stay lip color but you can feel the difference of this product being more natural and free of harmful chemicals that those others had. These stayed on ALL DAY! In fact, I had a hard time removing them! Even my makeup remover would not fully wipe away these lip colors, so this is definitely what you want. I would highly recommend these for people working all day and don’t have time to touch-up, people who like to eat and drink with lip color that will not come off much or at all when you do (these were amazing when eating and drinking throughout the days), and definitely urge makeup artists who work on celebrities, on movie or theater sets bc these will last and they photograph extremely well. 

My favorite shade? LISA!!! Lisa complements my skin tone so well, is natural and easy to wear with any look, and ever so flattering. But I do love them all! 

Big thanks to Sola Look for sending me these products to sample. Definitely check them out on social, they run great Twitter and Instagram  accounts! They also make other awesome products like the Dirty Dancing palette which I want to try soon too. Plus, I adore the fact that they are local for me; Boston, MA! Such a wonderful company and lovely folks who work there!

And for now, The Dirty Vegan is signing off. Stay gorgeous, xoxo.

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