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Dirty Vegan Disney World for Fall 2019

It has been an incredible experience blogging for Disney World's vegan menu, taste testing, and getting to see them become more and more vegan-friendly over the years. Out of all the destinations I have been to, Disney is on top when it comes to guest services and improving a guest's experience; they really listen when we ask or give suggestions. Whether it was asking for more plant-based options, complaining about the vegan salad at Cosmic Ray's not being a junky enough option (then promptly offering us a vegan sloppy Joe there!), or requesting more desserts (and oh boy, we got them!), Disney Parks certainly do hear us.

I'm really proud to be a part of this change and so happy to be able to travel to Orlando, Florida each season to taste test all the new vegan items that are added to the menu. I'm always so pleasantly surprised each visit when more and more vegan options are added to the menu, so much that I can't physically eat it all in one trip! This must be how the normals feel, so many options that you can't eat everything. That wasn't always the case for us, it was usually one or two items or some exception dish we would get made for us, but that's not the case now at Disney World and from what I know, the vegan options are only expanding. Here is just a little taste of what I experienced this Fall, and believe me, there's so much more to come!

Chef Mickey's has always been pretty amazing with vegan options at their buffet, but this time there were lots more! Too many in fact, because I couldn't try them all! So much tofu, veggies, salads, you name it.

Wish granted.

Stuffed after this meal.

Sanaa over at Animal Kingdom Lodge had an abundance of vegan appetizers, dishes and desserts. They have an entire Harvest section on their menu with lentil and chickpea dishes with rices and they were all spectacular. Like always, cast members are so happy to help you find vegan options or make vegetarian options vegan for you. They really go above and beyond!

Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios is always a fave. On this rainy day, a big bowl of pho and their vegan spring rolls really hit the spot! Just ask for the spring rolls without "egg wash" because that's something I'm told they do prior to cooking to make them more crisp. Mine were perfectly crispy and delicious without the egg wash, obviously, so I think that's a step Disney can just go ahead and skip going forward. It's just not necessary.

At Disney's Pop Century food court, tis tofu seitan scramble was a filling and protein packed breakfast option for the busy day ahead. I would definitely get this again and this particular dish has been popping up all around the property's resorts lately.

It was so nice to be there for Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival (which is running until November 23, 2019, so you have time to get there). The vegan options at each world in the showcase were abundant and amazing! You have to go stroll through it for yourself and really experience how amazing it is. Epcot is also going through a lot of changes, so I'll report more when I'm back in December, but for as of recent, the Land is still offering vegan korma made with gardein chickenless over rice and it is so super delicious. One of my faves for sure that I always go back to. The Land also has vegan desserts available, soy milk boxes and...

on the Allergy Menu a vegan power wrap, a vegan anglaise and other options that can be made vegan upon request. Don't be shy to ask.

Over at Epcot's Coral Reef restaurant is where I saw the biggest change. Not just to the vegan dinner item, but also a newly added appetizer and vegan dessert that was such a pleasant surprise.

"lobster" salad made with mushrooms and hearts of palm for a "meaty" ocean flavor.

a new skewer dinner dish added

another angle of the skewer, which I really liked but wouldn't mind seeing the cauliflower steak AS WELL as this dish on the menu, for variety.

Pictured above is the Bailey's almond milk mousse, completely vegan and definitely caught me by surprised. You know me, I asked a million times because I was so skeptical that this was vegan, but it in fact is. It does contain alcohol, so this dessert is 21+ responsibly.

So if you've read my previous vegan at Disney World blogs on here and on my previous, you'll know how much I love the My Disney Experience app, particularly for mobile ordering food. It's easy and I'm not sure why I don't see everyone doing it. Here is a little hack if you are on the Disney dining plan. At Pecos Bill's, order 3 sides, the black beans, rice and guacamole. Then take advantage of their condiments bar. You have a giant taco bowl for just three snack credits! I like doing this because you get a ton of snacks and usually have leftover of them by the end of the trip, so this is a good way to use them up while you fuel up!

Looks great right?

After properly fueling up, we danced on over to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party where the vegans get a fancy blue allergy-friendly bag! When you go to each trick-or-treating station, just present your bag and you get a coin. Cash in your coins at the end of the party in exchange for your vegan treats!

I definitely recommend checking out the Halloween party, shows, and festivities. Such a great time!

Love the decor!

And all the Halloween MERCH!! I'm such a sucker for MERCH!

And finally, this was my favorite change to see at Disney Parks!!! Paper straws!!! Thank you Walt Disney World, for doing this and making this important change for our oceans and environment. This truly warmed my heart so much! How awesome is this!?!!

I said I'd do this because so many of you asked for it. Each of my trips to Orlando, I get tweets, messages, e-mails, you name it, requesting I do a vegan Universal Studios review. So I tried, I did, but Hurricane Dorian did cause a state of emergency in Florida and I had to cut my trip short in the Universal part of it. I didn't want to disappoint any of you, so I did add in some Universal time in between my Disney time before we left. To be fair, I didn't spend enough time there to properly review what they had...

Starbucks, oatmeal and coffee at City Walk. They still have plastic straws. They need to really get in on the paper situation.

Voodoo Doughnuts is a huge plus!

As you can see, they have a whole vegan doughnut section on their menu with lots of vegan options.

Voodoo Doughnuts is located at City Walk in Universal as well.

Aside from that, there were a few veggie sandwich, hummus type options at the Simpsons area. I didn't see any vegan burgers like others have mentioned, but again, could be because I simply didn't spend enough time there to find them. Universal Studios has a TON of vegetarian options, but they are still lacking for vegans. You can of course make those veggie options vegan, but that feels so 2010 to me. With vegan cheese in abundance and so many amazing vegan products out right now, I'd love to see them do more.

For now, Disney is in the lead for innovative vegan menu items and really listening when we ask for more of them. I will be back visiting Orlando in December (can't wait!!!) and will be venturing around the city to bring more of the vegan scoop to you. Until then, the Dirty Vegan is signing off, stay Dirty my friends!

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