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Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

I dropped my iPhone on the driveway when I was getting into my car. The sound was cringey, it made a "pop" noise, and it didn't sound good either. I only dropped it, I don't know, about two feet, but it fell directly on the screen. My first initial thought was, when I pick this up, the entire screen protector will be shattered and I'll have to grab a new one while I'm out, but then when I really picked it up and saw what the screen actually looked like, I felt a sick feeling. My entire screen (the glass part) shattered into many pieces, and the glass protector on top was practically in tact. How the heck?

So I currently have the glass protector still on (because it is holding the screen together), and my iPhone is in one of those zipper sandwich bags, ya know, to protect my fingers from tiny shards of glass and also to prevent glass from getting in my purse. And luckily (lucky me, right?) it still works in the sandwich bag.

Right after this happened, I had a good laugh looking at the phone screen in a million pieces, because what else can you do? Sometimes all you can do is laugh. But then the reality started to set in because I have sponsored work to do in Orlando very soon and I have my book being released; I need my phone! So obviously the only logical thing to do is to find the solution on youtube.

So once you get to youtube, you start to find a variety of fixes, for every possible problem. For my dilemma, I found answers ranging from using toothpaste on the cracks, to using a windshield repair kit, to replacing the entire screen, to replacing just the glass, to using various "hacks", even a dry ice hack, a detergent hack, and one using vinegar; you name it.

In the end, I didn't want to risk it, and I'm going to leave it to the professionals. Either I'm going to get it repaired or invest in a new iPhone, maybe the 8 Plus, we'll see, but I'll be sure to report back soon.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - hold tightly to your smart phones, Folks; they cost as much as a mortgage payment!

Has this ever happened to you? Air your grievances below.

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