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Vegan Vitamin M&Ms?

You bet your behind!

Good Day Chocolates was kind to send me the vegan products in their line and let me just say this, I am thoroughly impressed.

The vegan ones are:



Vitamin D3


Verdict: They are all AMAZING! I feel a real difference after using all of them. If I had to pick a favorite, that would be D3 because I get a real lift in energy from it and it happens pretty quickly. The packaging is adorable. In fact you can collect characters if you are so inclined. And the taste? Well they don’t taste like vitamins to me, whatsoever. I get no aftertaste of vitamin and to me it tastes like a peanut m&m without the peanut or just a larger regular m&m. So basically you get good-for-you benefits while eating a vegan candy coated chocolate drop. No dyes in they coating either, which I LOVE!

You can find Good Day Chocolates online, on social, and also at the checkout counter at Whole Foods. Worth every penny, in my opinion.

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