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Walt Disney World: More Vegan Food Than EVER Before!

I had the pleasure of visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida again last month and I have to say, this is the most Magical and Happiest vegan food on earth! There are more vegan options at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts than EVER BEFORE! I have also had the pleasure of going to Disney World as a vegan for many years, and in my experience with this, I have seen the evolution of having to have vegan meals made special for you, to some vegan options here and there (or the chefs having to make something custom for you), to the Allergy Menu which always had vegan options and the chef came out to speak to you about your order, to today: seeing the word vegan on practically every menu at the park. It is really wild. So exciting for us vegans who are also Disney addicts!

Before we get into the food pics, I wanted to share with you all, that we visited during the International Flower & Garden Festival. Here are a couple of my favorite photographs that I took. It was such a beautiful sight and time to visit!


Nature thrives here.

Hakuna Matata!

My faves!

We even saw a rainbow during the below sunset at Epcot.

And now, onto the mouth-watering vegan cuisine!

Here I took a snap of the menu because I just adore this dish and love seeing the word vegan on menus. Like I said, this was an evolution and seeing vegan on the menu is huge considering that this was not the case when I first started vacationing at Disney as a vegan.

Here is the Tempura Fried Cauliflower at Coral Reef in Epcot. The picture isn't the greatest because it was dark in the restaurant, but I assure you that this dish gets my seal of approval! Also, FUN FACT: after you order they bring rolls to the table which are vegan-friendly (just ask for Earth Balance butter and you are good to go)!

Dessert was delicious sorbet with fresh fruit.

At the Hollywood Studios park, you can find vegan pizza with vegan cheese at Pizza Rizzo (the Muppets area). The cheese pictured is Follow Your Heart vegan shreds. Yum!

Did nosies with Mickey at Hollywood & Vine for dinner that night at Hollywood Studios. Their buffets are packed with vegan options!

You know me. I live for the Dole Whip.

Be Our Guest restaurant at Magic Kingdom has an awesome ratatouille, plus you get to eat at the Beast's Castle, which is quite the experience!

I always stop at my girl Erin McKenna's vegan bakery located in Disney Springs. Here is a lime cupcake and below is coffee cake!


The Edison at Disney Springs was so fun and such a cool atmosphere. It was STEAMPUNK!!! Anyone who has been following me on social media knows how much I love steampunk, that in fact, my most recent Halloween costume was steampunk.

Where we sat we had an excellent view of the fireworks. Also, tv screens playing old cartoons and below us was a band. There were cabaret dancers and flappers walking around and visited our table. It was so cool.

This is the Impossible Burger. What a treat!

What a surprise to find the Impossible Burger here. But I learned that instead of the black bean burger (which used to be the only vegan burger) then the addition of the falafel burger, there is now the Impossible, Beyond and Dr. Praegers burgers all over the Parks and Resorts! Rumor has it, the Impossible and Beyond burgers will be turning up at even more places at Disney World; how exciting!

Really fun meal. The music was so awesome. The vibe was real chill. The steampunk decor was amazing. The nonchalant vegan food was such a pleasant surprise.

Also, for dessert they gave me some sorbet. They also said the piece of waffle cracker was vegan too, so that was nice. Usually they do berries, so it was a lovely change of pace.

I had stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, which was undergoing renovations. While there wasn't as many vegan options as usual, due to the upgrading, and the market store, which has a lot of vegan stuff, was temporarily removed, they did a wonderful job of accommodating us. All we had to do was simply ask. Pictured here is a taco salad that I modified to include a veggie burger. There were also a ton of black beans at the bottom of the taco bowl. I forgot to ask for no cheese, but the cast member who took our order, ordered it without cheese (or the chef just knew, one or the other), which is another great perk of being at Disney. They seem to read my mind. In other words, they are amazing hosts and rule in hospitality. I also enjoyed their breakfast buffet at the resort, which had amazing vegan bagels and I asked the chef for avocado to spread on mine. He gave me A WHOLE AVOCADO! Fellow avocado addicts, you understand my excitement. I love that chef.

I noticed this Frushi (fruit sushi) in Epcot, which is vegan except for the whipped cream which I read the menu wrong. I thought it said coconut whipped cream. When I got it I double checked and found out it was in fact dairy, so I was able to discard it. If you order this one, just get yours sans whipped cream so you won't have to wipe it off like I did. Sometimes they are premade ahead of time during busy times at the park, so just ask.

Also in Epcot at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall there were these veggie "meatballs" made from potatoes and some veggies, which were delightful. We got to meet a bunch of princesses too, which was fun. Also, while you are waiting for your meal, there is an appetizer buffet with tons of vegan options like fruit, veggies, salad and breads.

Better view with my unsweetened iced tea.

My favorite breakfast, Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. It is a buffet.

They have all the soy milk for coffee.

So many vegan options and the most tasty housemade juice. And we got to see Mickey and pals and dance around with them; BONUS!

At the amazingly cool Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater in Hollywood Studios, there are two awesome vegan options on the menu that stand out: Vegan Tofu Lettuce Wraps and the Falafel Burger. This is my favorite restaurant for the food and the vibe. It is a retro-style drive-in that gives the feel you are eating in a mid-century car outdoors with a huge screen playing old clips. It is basically my dream come true.

Truly this is something so incredibly exciting to see. Vegan options on menus everywhere. How did we get so lucky?

We received this card upon arrival which made us feel so special.


Also, I found out that all of the popcorn on Disney property is vegan, with the exception of ones that have chocolate and caramel drizzled on them in Epcot at the Werther's store. Otherwise, have fun my vegan friends.

Back at Disney Springs I was able to travel back in time again at Maria & Enzo's Ristorante. The environment was so beautiful, we spoke Italian with the cast members, and the food was excellent.

The decor was breathtaking.

I got a tuscan bean soup with amazing bread. To make it vegan, just ask for it without the cheese. It tasted just like a soup my grandmother made. Which hits you like a ton of bricks with nostalgia. If you have ever seen the movie Ratatouille when Anton Ego (the food critic) eats Remy's ratatouille at Gusteau's, and is instantly transported back to a place in his childhood, you will understand what I'm saying here.

For dessert, vegan ice cream sundae at Erin McKenna's. Yes, the toppings are donut crumbles, cookies and cream, and salted caramel sauce!

Our absolute favorite meal the entire trip was this taco bowl at Pecos Bill in Magic Kingdom. We were able to order on the My Disney Experience mobile app AND use our meal plan allotment right from the app, it came beautifully vegan which was easy to order on the app, and this place has a HUGE condiments bar with all the salsa and vegan toppings that you can ever want or need. The flavors were insanely delicious and made my tastebuds do a little dance.

Can't wait to go here again!

This trip was so amazing and definitely did not disappoint. I have so many more pictures that I can flood you with, but just take it from me, the vegan options are in abundance. I'm most excited to go back for the vegan brownie sundae I recently heard about. Cannot even wait! Stay tuned to my social (links/ icons at the top of the page) for posts about that. I love posting during my trip too.

It was such a happy Walt Disney World visit, I'm still so giddy from it! The only thing I would change, if I were Disney World, in regards to vegan food, is the plant-based option at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. It is one of our faves at Magic Kingdom. If you have kiddos, they will love watching Sonny Eclipse sing and tell jokes while they eat, and the grown-ups can relax and eat a meal without feeling the need to entertain, since Sonny does all the work. It is basically an out-of-this-world burger joint for the entire family, and for as far as I could remember, always had a vegan burger option. It used to have the black bean and in more recent times had the falafel; both delicious and came with fries. But this recent time, the vegan option was salad. I know. I almost cried. PLEASE bring back the vegan burger at Cosmic Ray's, for the love of all that is magical. The Beyond Burger, Praeger's, Black Bean, Impossible, Falafel, heck anything, with some fries and we can enjoy those delicious condiments you guys offer at the bar next to the napkins and utensils, and I will be a happy camper for the next visit (in just a few short months - so please don't hesitate).

Otherwise, there was a suitable (not salad) vegan option at every single place we dined at in Disney World, and even those we didn't (got a good idea where we will eat for the next trip), that I still can't believe it. What a dream really!

And the Orlando area in general is super vegan-friendly. Tons of plant-based options at Whole Foods (pictured) and there is a Tropical Smoothie Cafe (which also has vegan "meats" for salads, wraps or flatbreads) or a Starbucks/ Target (with a lot of vegan stuff) on practically every corner in Orlando. So if you ever find yourself off Disney property (which we did just once - we don't like to leave the magic if we can help it), you have almost the same abundant vegan choices.

Tofu and other veggie goodness!

Look at these avocado cucumber wraps.

I got stuffed grape leaves, tabouli, salad, hummus. Hummus, yummus!

As always, I highly recommend paying Walt Disney World in sunny Orlando, Florida a visit! As a vegan, I ate. And I ate. Then I ate some more! And it was beyond awesome. And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope you have a magical day that is filled with good food, health and wellness.

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