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You know me, I LOVE a good comic con! I started getting into the comic convention scene a few years ago and I've been getting invited to so many exciting cons; I love it!

My most recent comic con was Terrificon, and it was so AMAZING, let me tell you! What an exciting event that takes place annually at Mohegan Sun expo center casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. It was a 3-day event, tickets are reasonably priced (especially for the amount of activities/ events/ happenings you can take part in), and I am so happy that I got to LIVE-cover this event on my social media accounts. How stinkin' cool.

Here's what went down. I originally wanted to be in complete cosplay since I have awesome steampunk costume stuff from last Halloween and alternatively I had an idea to dress in a Fallout themed costume. IT WAS SO HOT OUTSIDE in heatwave-like weather, that I decided against a thorough cosplay, and I dressed in a cool kinda 1940's comic book theme. It was still too hot for that and the subsequent event days I just wore graphic tees and jeans.

*Before getting ready for Terrificon!*

*On my way to the convention!*

This was my first year at this particular convention and I wasn't prepared for the sheer amount of events that would be offered. It was insane! The first day of a con is always nice and chill, so Friday was chill and did start to pack up towards the middle and end of the day. Saturday was nutso. Sunday was kinda hectic and kinda chill at times, if that makes any sense. So basically, typical con experience of any comic con I've ever attended.

There was SO MUCH TO DO! Something for everyone and this was such a versatile, well-rounded convention; so well done and organized!

The panels were great. There were Marvel comic creators and so many exiting speakers, the seating was so comfortable and I really enjoyed the panels.

The cosplayers were off-the-hook! So many fabulous and elaborate costumes that it blew my mind.

Famous guests like Lou Ferrigno, Ralph Macchio, Flash Gordon, Henry Winkler and actors in so many of our favorite shows and movies!

*So many rad people you can meet*

*Flash and Hulk talking. Legends.*

*Forever the Hulk*

*Henry Winkler aka The Fonz!*

*Khary Payton who plays Ekekiel on Walking Dead! Are you kidding me?!?!*

There were gaming tournaments like Fortnite and I thought that was so cool.

The exhibits were the best I have ever seen! What a variety with many booths for every type of interest and personality. This event had not just something for everyone but MANY things for any different type of enthusiast; I was so impressed by that. There were so many artists, authors, illustrators, prop and toy booths that I was utterly amazed. They also had an awesome kids and family area with so many fun things to do! School of Rock was rocking the children's stage; it was a very family-friendly event. I love that because the whole fam can enjoy all their different hobbies together and make a day (or entire weekend of it)! Plus to be at a beautiful hotel and casino with hotel rooms, restaurants and shopping - very neat.

*It just so happened to be my birthday on Day 1 of Terrificon. What a way to spend it, amiright?!*

Plus, I met so many cool people!

On top of that, there was just so much to see! I saw the Bat Mobile and the Bat Computer, which was absolutely insane! Here, let me just show you:

I'm so glad you all enjoyed my LIVE coverage of Terrificon on social. You have to get yourself to Terrificon next year because, it really is, well, TERRIFIC!

Big thanks to Terrificon and Mitch Hallock for sponsoring me to cover this event on social media and blog review, and providing tickets to this fascinating 3-day event. We had such a blast and can't wait until next year!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - please go out there and have some fun, and some laughs, and some smiling! Smiling is my favorite :)

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