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Adam Quesnell's "Despair II: Social Justice Warlord": A Comedy Review

Super excited to get my hands on Despair II: Social Justice Warlord by Adam Quesnell, coming at you from FAQ Comedy. Quite frankly, the title alone hooked me and I knew it would be a good listen.

Here's a little about Adam for those of you who don't already know this comic. "Adam Quesnell is a comedy-pit filled with laugh-snakes who has been entertaining audiences since before you even knew that this bio existed. Bouncing from witty social observation, to commentary on language, to biting introspection on mental illness; his act walks that fine line that people often write about in bios. He recently re-located to Minneapolis, MN where he quickly became a comedian that lives in Minneapolis, MN. Aside from any club/bar/museum opening that will have him in the Midwest, Adam has performed at the Akumal Comedy Festival, Hell-Yes Fest (New Orleans), 10,000 Laughs Festival and the Comedy Exposition in Chicago. He is a Stand Up! Records Recording Artist who recenlty released a 7” EP this Spring. His shoulder hurts."

First, let it be said that this is not family-friendly comedy. The first word in the first act was "sh*t" hahaha but I'm here for it. Just know that Adam's comedy routines are for the grown-up ears only, it's not mild Howie Mandell stuff but not as raunchy, Andrew-Dice-Clay stuff. I enjoyed listening to Adam's sets. I also liked his relatable and socially aware tone. I like how he comfortably made fun of himself because I find that comedy hilarious and refreshing. I also think his the sound of his voice and his delivery is hysterical. My favorite of all the tracks was Gross President; it was just really funny and had me laughing out loud so much. I'm not gonna give too much away because you should go give it listen. Adam pokes fun at current events and society in such a way that can really make you laugh about things most of us are typically feeling down-and-out about in the world. That's how I knew I'd like his jokes just by the title of the album alone. I just had a feeling. But my favorite thing about this record is the side-splitting laughs in the audience that are simply contagious. I feel everyone needs the laughs that Adam Quesnell invokes.

I definitely recommend giving this a listen if socially aware type of comedy is your cup of tea. I got some BIG laughs from this album for sure. Also, Adam is active on social media; you can give him a follow on Twitter. Check him out.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope you have lots of laughs as well as lots of reasons to laugh.

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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