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Doug Mellard's "Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder" - A Comedy Review

Oh, Lordy. Let me start by saying this - I honestly thought that I would hate this album just judging by the title alone. But this is a prime example about not judging by a cover. I initially thought that this was going to be a comedy album about farts that was meant for the immature and I was kinda dreading having to review it. I was actually, pleasantly surprised. This record has nothing much to do with flatulence and the jokes are GOOD! Doug Mellard is FRICKEN FUNNY. Too funny, in fact.

So here's a bio for anyone who hasn't heard of Doug, but really, who hasn't? Most of you will probably remember him from Last Comic Standing. I did. "Finally, giving up hopes of becoming a super hero, despite being bitten several times by a radioactive spider and telling everyone he was from the planet Krypton, Doug picked up a microphone in Austin, Texas in 2003 and said, “What is this thing?” After he was told it was an instrument capable of transforming sound waves into electric currents , used in transmitting sound, Austin audiences were soon treated to an unprecedented brand of rapid-fire, topic-jumping humor. In May 2006 he was voted “Funniest Person in Austin” at the Capitol City Comedy Club by a panel of judges comprised of Comedy Central, “The Tonight Show,” and “Montreal Comedy Festival” representatives. In 2006, he also made it to the semi-finals of NBC’S “Last Comic Standing Season 4” and later appeared again on “Last Comic Standing Season 6” and Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” as well as the “South Beach Comedy Festival.” Doug, never one to rest between punch lines, has been steadfastly writing and laughing his way up the creative chain-of-command when he’s not busy eating burritos or watching “The Dark Knight.” Expect Doug Mellard to continue delivering rapid-fire laughs as he moves his career forward to larger horizons. His comedic energy is infectious, and he is eager to spread it as whole-heartedly as he feels it. As for now, he is currently undergoing an MRI for his multiple radioactive spider bites."

Ok, so basically "Fart Safari 2: Fart Harder" (omg I can't with this title, I really can't!) is a joke album from Stand Up! Records containing 14 tracks. With a variety of "every day" type jokes, some are titled "Some Poop Jokes" and "I Know You Farted", but I swear it's not what you think.

My favorite track was Animals and I'l tell you why. Doug used humor to bring awareness of how sad and cruel animal captivity is, using snarky and sarcastic humor. Instead of being preachy about it, he made jokes that highlighted how depressed animals in zoos are and basically how crappy their handlers care for them. And I really dig that. During those jokes I was thinking, "no kidding!" I like Doug's approach and he has a real laid back, chill vibe about him. It's easy to listen to all 14 tracks and not feel bored. He's a talented comic and I think this comedy album is great for any adult audience.

This is big leagues comedy. I definitely recommend this comedy album. Doug is on Twitter if you want to give him a follow. Click here to give this album a listen now.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - hold the "pass gas" jokes, please LOL.

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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