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Jason Cheny's "Growing Pains": A Comedy Review

Comedian Jason Cheny who appeared on appeared on 'Laughs' on Fox and Hulu, 'Laff Tracks' on TruTV, and is the winner of The World Series of Comedy main event in Las Vegas, has come out with a comedy CD through Uproar Entertainment, available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon...and I'm here for it.

In one of the tracks Jason said, "Not even my mom is gonna buy this album.", and I cracked up at the joke, but I know his statement isn't true because this is a great album. Jason is funny beyond belief, you can hear the audience laughing like crazy the entire time, and he keeps you engaged through the entire set, even the longer jokes. I didn't get bored at all; Jason is a comic genius with great delivery and jokes about important topics. I love when a comic can shed light on serious issues or situations in a humorous way - I think that's the beauty of comedy, to talk about things you normally wouldn't when serious, but to get people thinking about these things using a comedy-approach.

Here's a little more about Jason via his bio, if you haven't already heard about him or seen him on tv yet: "Born and raised in Taiwan, re-raised in America, toiled in Canada and soiled in a military school. Jason brings nuances of life from multiple perspectives, visceral comedic stories of an understanding that happiness happens outside of your comfort zone. Because of his cross-cultural upbringing, his material reaches a wide range of audiences. With keen observations of heritage delivered through energetic wit, Jason’s anecdotes about family, culture, and society, rings with an optimistic vigor. Notably, Jason is the winner of The World Series of Comedy main event in Las Vegas, appeared on 'Laughs' on Fox and Hulu, 'Laff Tracks' on TruTV. He regularly tours across the US, and back in Asia . Illustrating the mural of human interaction through comedy and bringing people closer together. Go checkout his album ‘Growing Pains’ on iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify!"

I really loved Jason's delivery in this album; it was effortlessly funny. There were times when I laughed and there were times when I nodded my head like, yeah I get you. Out of the 11 tracks on the album and while I enjoyed listening to them all, Superstitions was my favorite one, especially the beginning. I was legit ROFL when he basically said politeness comes first but have you ever talked to someone for 20 minutes too long...

How relatable; Jason is really relatable. I love how he says a lot of the things that most of us think or go through in life. The parts about his mother and family being superstitious and about reunions was just so comical that you really have to listen to it; you will crack up for real! I'm so glad I go the opportunity to hear this album.

Definitely check out Growing Pains by Jason Cheny and he's also active on social media. Here's his Twitter.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Don't take life too seriously now. After all, no one makes it out alive.

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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