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Renee Santos: Outside the Box

Renee Santos new comedy album, Outside the Box, was really delightful to listen to. Her jokes are funny and relatable, much of them being societal in subject and stuff most of us are like, "yeah, I totally get it." Even her political stuff was great. I laughed out loud at a lot of the set where she talks about her day job as a Starbucks manager (every single one of us artists and creative types understand this fully), her clunker car and that people often mistake her for Sarah Silverman. Santos is someone that you can easily imagine in your friend circle.

You probably remember her from ShowTime, that's where I have heard her from. Her new album is awesome; get it here. Follow her on twitter. Also, here is her bio to learn more about Renee Santos:

"Revving with verve and theatrics, Renée Santos gives you a little bit of everything: funny voices, wordplay, musical comedy, rapturous storytelling. In her debut album, “Outside The Box”, she is a multidimensional, multi-talented, capital-e Entertainer. She endears through natural showmanship, genuineness and artistic integrity—swearing like a sailor and pulling no punches. She endures personal tragedy, like family drama, pregnancy and sobriety, through a liberal, lesbian lens, with nuance, passion, intelligence and forthright humor. The comedian has lived a full life and isn’t afraid to relay it in bold, proud, salty, vibrant, meticulous detail. Renée Santos is playful to the punch, sarcastic to the swerve, funny to the core and impactful to the soul.In 2018, after decades of fighting against cultural attitudes, repressive political policies and violence, on the shoulders of trailblazing comedy legends, LGBTQ+ performers are having a moment, a moment Renée takes, a moment Renée makes her own. Renée Santos is on the vanguard of emergent new voices speaking truth to power by being true to life. Her down to earth stories and upbeat energy are equally accessible and defiant. Her comedy is powerful, not from fiery, overt, socio-political grandstanding, but because she doesn’t have to. Renée Santos’ power comes from purely being her talented, goofy, sharp and charming self. “Outside The Box” is a revolution, revelation, a nice gust of fresh air."

And by the way, she totally does look like Sarah Silverman - it is quite uncanny!

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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