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Sweet Potato Toast?! Wacky or Genius Breakfast?

I did it. I hopped on the sweet potato toast bandwagon. And just like that time I joined the avocado toast club, I am happy to be a member. At first I was intrigued by the many social media posts with various creative sweet potato toast stylings but mainly I just wanted to see for myself how this breakfast tastes. Sweet potato toast is super customizable too. Since people eat sweet potatoes sweet or savory, so many things can be done here. My mind first went to sweet potato pie and topping it with cream cheese and stuff like that, but then I thought to myself, this can be a very healthy and nutritious breakfast. Here’s what I did for mine (what you see pictured): 

1 small organic sweet potato, thinly sliced (please be careful!)

coconut oil cooking spray

sea salt to taste

1.5 tbsp crunchy almond butter

toppings! (chia seeds, wheat germ, coconut flakes, raspberries, chocolate chips - the possibilities are endless and I’m going to try peanut butter with banana slices and cinnamon next time) 

Preheat oven 400 degrees and line a baking sheet with foil. Spray both sides of sweet potato slices with cooking spray and sprinkle salt. Bake for 15 min. Remove from oven and allow to cool until you can safely handle them, then move to a plate. Top with toppings! Serves 1. *The takeaway: this breakfast was soooo filling that I could barely finish it. For some reason (perhaps because sweet potatoes are packed with fiber) this meal filled me up and kept me full. It was tasty too! It didn’t taste weird like I initially thought it would. Sweet potato toast tastes great!* Would you try this? Have you tried it already? Tell me. And...

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