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These Lips by Jackie Monahan: A Comedy Album Review

I got the pleasure of reviewing Jackie Monahan's new comedy album from Uproar Comedy entitled, These Lips, and I was laughing before I even hit play, no lie. The album cover is just SO GOOD that it completely sums up her comedy vibe in one photograph, and well, makes you laugh. I cannot look at the picture without cracking up. So just by the album cover I was already amused and I knew that Jackie would be totally likable and relatable, a must for comics, in my opinion. Already in a silly mood now, I proceeded to listen to her jokes.

When you start listening to the album, you quickly realize that Jackie doesn't take herself seriously and has such a great comedic style. Her jokes are raunchy but funny. Some jokes are a little cringy, but they are supposed to be that way, that's just Monahan's vibe. A lot of the jokes build up to a kind of plot twist at the end, then you are either like "yeah, I get it!" with some or "ewwww, omg!" with others, like on track 10, I'm an Alien. The jokes aren't what you'd expect by the titles. Jackie is a damn funny comedian. I don't want to give too much away about the tracks, that way not to spoil them, and let you listen to them yourself. However, my favorite joke of the whole album was on track 11, Tinder, where she shares something funny she likes to do on her friends instagram pics and I totally relate to her humor. These Lips pushes the limits of comedy with witty jokes while paired with Monahan's effortless and confident delivery, covering relatable topics with a fantasy twist; I think anyone would enjoy this album as an escape from humdrum reality. You also get the "shock factor" after each bit, even though you are expecting it, you are still like WOW - that's hard to achieve and Monahan cooly makes it look easy.

You've probably seen Jackie on Last Comic Standing, that's where I know her from. Here's her official bio (I didn't write it, her team did - so don't come for me, Jackie fans, because I absolutely did NOT call her a degenerate! hahahaha!)

"Jackie Monahan is smart, salty and sophisticated, an ironic degenerate with sharp, salacious wordplay. Her debut album, “These Lips,” constantly ups the ante. She takes seemingly innocuous statements and warps them with a pulpy pun, a crafty subversion, or delightful depravity. Jackie is electric, less of a livewire and more of a stun gun. She administers taboos as a series of controlled shocks, providing just enough charge for audiences to enjoy the jolts.

Monahan, as seen on Last Comic Standing and winner of TimeOut’s Joke of the Year, is a master of her craft. While unapologetic and raw, she never overwhelms with crass, never overindulges with outrageousness. “These Lips” features a cool charisma, a metered balance of unassuming silliness, dry wit, and dark humor, so you can savor the unsavory.

“These Lips” takes everyday thoughts and feelings, flips the zeitgeist on its head, and sears a lasting image into your brain. The highly effective and affecting album will likely change how you think about areolas, flushing the toilet, and the word “breasts”. Even the album’s title, “These Lips,” an allusion to Monahan’s take on an overlooked double standard, imprints a visceral, lasting visual crystallized in a brilliant, lewd joke. Jackie Monahan’s brand of elusive, mischievous observational comedy manipulates the mind’s desire to fill in the gaps. By the time you recognize the rich range of the comedy, connect all the dots, fully understand what and what’s not being said, notice the intricate linguistics, and admire the audacity, you’ll be howling, groaning, and shaking your head all at once."

Jackie Monahan is quick-witted, snappy and hysterical - I definitely recommend checking out her comedy album, These Lips, out this week and available NOW!

You can also check out Jackie on social media (twitter): or her website:

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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