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Gen-X Man by Erik Myers Comedy Album Review

Gen-X Man by Erik Myers is the comedy album all of us generation-x and older millennials have been waiting for because we get it too! The album is all about comparing the 90's with the peculiar aspects of today's modern times. It is nostalgic and funny as hell. Erik's delivery is very 1990's and reminds me of the comedy of that time... and what I've been missing in comedy! My favorite track is Choice Hotels (the part about him putting his Dr. Pepper in the safe - I lost it!), that track was hilarious, but I like them all. All the jokes either have gen-x references or have a 90's vibe, which I really love.

Here's his bio:

"Gen X Man, the latest album from comedian Erik Myers, is laugh riot that feels like an actual riot. Erik is a foul-mouthed, whirling buzzsaw of brilliant observational comedy.

He runs hotter and cuts deeper than a flaming house filled with razor blades. Cleared-eyed rage, true-to-life grievances and commonplace annoyances, “Gen X Man” blasts

with hilarious, fiery, righteous anger. Erik Myers’ ire is noteworthy. His social commentary avoids the trappings of trendy, hot button topics. Erik focuses his flurries to

personal punching bags, unleashing funny-as-hell fury against cheap hotels, fast food and the Internet. The jokes are smart, sharp, compact, relatable, loud. He speaks volumes with volume. Unrelentingly funny, Erik Myers revs up the hysterics until you’re convinced you’ll never stop laughing. “Gen X Man” is an ode to the 1990s, the era when Erik Myers grew up. Erik is confused and pissed off by modern, flawed “conveniences” like ride-sharing and texting. The comedian indulges in sarcastic tirades about elusive, online dating practices, vanity, modern misnomers, and timeless idiocy to haggard, “back in my day” perfection. While

Erik concedes that living during the Clinton administration wasn’t as harrowing as his parents’ and grandparents’ upbringings—“Just got drafted into World War II #fml”—he

advocates that corded phones, CDs that skipped and the indecipherable, adult movie channel built resilience and character. For instance, the lessons learned in “Land Mind,”

a track that features Erik’s tale of youth, love, and a promotional tie-in for 1998’s “Men in Black,” is a rollicking, heartfelt, incisive highlight to this stellar comedy album."

Erik Myers album Gen-X Man is the album you didn't know you needed in your life but you totally do. All the 90s references brings back memories of that time while Erik delivers super funny jokes. This album will have you laughing the entire time. The album Gen-X is just released today and available now from Uproar Records.

You can connect with Erik on socials like facebook.

He's @erikmyerscomedy on both twitter and instagram too.

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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