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Come Ride the 'Vegan Disney World for Spring & Summer 2019' Train

I am blown away. We ask for vegan options and Disney World delivers, delivers, then delivers some more.

My recent trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida was during the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, which aside from Christmas at Disney World, is my favorite time to visit. This special event is still happening, so you have time to make it for all of the fabulous vegan food the festival has to offer; this special spring event runs this year from March 6th- June 3rd, 2019.

I was so impressed with all of the new plant-based options that I found myself asking cast members, "Are you sure it's vegan? Are you really sure?", like over and over again. When you have been an animal rights activist for the majority of your entire life, to see this big change happening right before your eyes, when you didn't expect to see it in your lifetime, just knocks you off your feet. Ya know?

Well, anyways and without further ado, here is what you all came here for, the food made from plants!

First stop: Epcot! Choo, Choo!

Get yourself a pretzel with spicy mustard - it is vegan!

There was this booth. I approached slowly, then I caught a glimpse of the sign. The sign read, "hosted by Impossible", or something like that. I hurried to the counter (in the complete wrong direction) trying to order at the pick-up window. Then after me doing all sorts of other awkward things and showing my full latte ("I haven't had my caffeine yet today, see, whoops."), I finally made my way to order. I asked, "what is vegan here?" The cast member said, "Everything."SHOOKETH, I was. I don't want to say I didn't believe in the magic of this place, because I do, but I was a little skeptical at first. After a series of my usual questions, that I should retire back to veganism of 2003, I was now convinced that this booth was completely free of animal products. Again. shooketh. I promptly ordered, well, everything. The picture above is an Impossible meatball wrap sort of thing with a vegan aioli sort of sauce.

This pretty jar was chocolate mousse made from avocado and coconut milk with green tea matcha, pomegranate and edible flowers. This was a little on the fancy side, so I ate it with my pinky out.

This is corn on the cob.

This is me. Here to tell you that when it rains, you dance in it.

You can get this adorable little sipper at this Epcot festival too. Just order him with the lemonade or just ask for it empty if you are vegan, because the creamsicle drink contains dairy.

Made my way over to the Land. And I just really love their overnight oats. They serve these over at the resorts as well, which is super convenient to grab and go on the way to the parks.

New at the parks, something I've noticed this trip, vegetarian menus out with specifics on what's vegan. I also discovered another one of these menus, and something super interesting, which I'll tell you about later in this post.

Vegan Korma with chickenless and cashews. Yum.

Can't go to the Land without getting this vegan cupcake. Two vegan desserts at the Land now.


Also made my way over to the Club Cool quite possibly for the last time before it ceases to exist. I made sure to wear my finest Coca Cola t-shirt when I was getting ready, for the ocassion. Sad to see this place go; it is one of my favorite paces to stop into.

There were so many vegan options (and vegetarian that can be made vegan) all over Epcot and all over Disney World in general. I took hundreds of photographs. Obviously can't post every single thing. But definitely wanted to include these vegetable spring rolls. Double yum.

In addition to food photography, I fully enjoy taking pictures of adorable little lizards. Look at this cutie posing for a photo.

Next stop: Animal Kingdom's Tusker House!

I really love their buffet, because whether you go for breakfast or lunch, they always seem to have more vegan options than anything else. Their house-made juice is amazing as well. They have soy milk for your coffee. What a great start to the day!

Just me enjoying this juice, when something that happens every time I'm at Disney World happened...

Mickey surprises me! It's become a bit of a running joke. Don't know how he always catches me by surprise, but he sneaks up on me. I jump up. Every time! It is now one of my favorite things that happens when I'm there. Mickey is the coolest.

Honorable mention: these tater tots are the best around. If there was nothing else vegan, I'd go just for these.

Fancy seeing you here.

At Pizzafari they have vegan pizza! Yes, that cheese is vegan!

Next stop: Magic Kingdom!

Lot's of new vegan things happening here. The once "secret menu item" of Tofutti ice cream at the parlor on Main Street, is now right out in the open on the menu. Tofutti or Rice Dream, chocolate or vanilla. I took advantage of that and ate a cone.

Right on the sign and menu!

Another new vegan thing that had me cracking up laughing was at Cosmic Ray's. They had replaced the vegan burger with a salad (as you may have noticed in one of my past Disney World blog posts). I also asked them on social media to bring it back. We need something dirty, we don't want salads, I proclaimed. We need something with fries like everyone else gets at this burger joint. Then I noticed the disappearance of the salad and this new vegan meal above. SLOPPY JOE'S! WITH FRIES! Message received. Dirty enough, indeed. The vegan beefless crumbles tasted like Beyond, but I'm not exactly certain. Bravo with this, big time. It was delicious.

Another LeFou brew for me. It's a slushy with caramel, marshmallow and fruity flavors. Totally delicious and vegan.

Let's rewind back to breakfast though. I brought in these donuts from Disney Springs. Sat there on Main Street with a coffee and watched the festivities happening at the castle, and it was, well, magical.

You can find these vegan donuts, and more, at Erin McKenna's bakery at Disney Springs.

This is the interesting thing I wanted to tell you about. Crystal Palace, located in Magic Kingdom, has a huge buffet with lots of veggie options. And when I asked about vegan desserts, this happened. A lady sat down next to me with a book. In this book was all the menu items and their allergens next to them, and whether or not they were vegan-friendly. One again, shooketh. Pictured above are freshly made spice cupcakes with buttercream frosting and ice cream. Vegan. Oh, come on. Too good to be true.

Advice from me? Get a Dole Whip every single time you see a sign for it. It's a new game.

When you forget your sunglasses at home, you head to Tarjay. That's Target with my pinky up.

Edna Mode? Maybe. Possibly. Okay, fine. Edna Mode.

It really is.

Here is our final destination. Hollywood Studios. The park I can't seem to stop calling MGM, that has all the retro, old Hollywood glamour feels, and I hope it never changes, aside from all the big changes that are happening. I walk around like I'm in my own world, I take the same pictures over and over, I absorb the music and the sights. I just really love it here.

Popcorn is vegan. Fake butter flavor but who cares, I'm on vacation.

Well, hello - you handsome pretzel.

The fact that he can stay in character is most impressive.

So exciting!!

Back at the Commissary, I got a vegan burger. They said we wouldn't change anything.

Vegan. Burger.

For the last vegan food stop of the trip, my personal favorite, Sci-fi Dine-in Theater.

Vegan, vegan, vegan, vegan, vegan. Even vegan dessert!

Love this place.

I hope you enjoyed the ride to VeganVille, I mean Disney World, tee hee hee.

Stuffed. Absolutely stuffed from this trip.

I love taking pictures around the empty park when it is closed.


Me at home: "they have that merch at Disney World, can't you wait and buy it there to use our discount?"

Me at Disney World: *must buy everything*

Park is closed. Only bloggers taking pictures and walking around in awe.

The middle two Minnies are the way I look at Dole Whip too.

This was a magical trip that exceeded my expectations more than any other one. They are doing amazing things with their plant-based cuisine and making vegans feel included. It feels so normal ordering food there. Such amazing progress from my first time visiting as a vegan so long ago. And what a huge transformation in regard to that aspect. We are making changes; don't ever forget that your voice and your influence is powerful.

If you'd like to check out my other vegan Disney World review posts here, click the tag/ label for it and you can also check out my archived blog posts on! I'll be visiting Disney World again very soon because there are some crazy-cool things coming and I cannot even wait to share them with you!!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. I hope your day is filled with pixie dust and dole whip daydreams.

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