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RevAir: Revolution in Hair Drying

So, something really awesome happened to my hair, and I just have to share with you. I received the RevAir to try. If you haven't seen any videos or anything about this hair device, that has been taking social media by storm, I will explain a little about what it is. Instead of a traditional hairdryer, the RevAir actually sucks out the moisture in much less time than traditional driers while leaving your hair smooth and straightened. I found personally, that for me, the RevAir dried my hair on the low heat setting and the number 2 suction setting, in about 30- 45 seconds per section, and takes the place of my old hairdryer as well as any heat styling (i.e a hair straightener or hair iron) that would be needed in order to achieve the result that the RevAir gives me, per section, in under a minute!

Below is a video from a while ago when I first received and started using the RevAir. I was just figuring it out, but it will show you the ease of use by a new user. These days, I feel like a RevAir pro, using it regularly, with wonderful results. I have noticed my hair is smoother, softer and shinier - and I believe it is because of what I had already mentioned in this post. The RevAir saves me time, resulting in less time drying also using less heat than I usually use with my old dryer, and I get a smooth and straightened look without the use of a hair straightener. Before the RevAir, I would just forgo the straightening step because after it took me so long to dry my hair with my previous method, I didn't want to use a straightener for fear of further damaging my hair.

The RevAir is super simple to use. When I first received my shipment, the box was pretty big and heavy too. Which I like because I know right off the bat that it's a quality product. I popped the filter in, and snapped the hose in, and that was it for assembly. As you will see in my video demonstration, you plug it in and flip the switch on the base. The suction setting is on the base (again I use 2, but it goes up to level 7), and the heat setting is located on the handle (which has zero heat, low or hi - I like to use low on my wavy hair). My RevAir came in a sturdy carrying bag, which is so wonderfully convenient for storage and travel. As you will see in my demo, I also have the wand holder, which is so awesome to have. I like to section my hair out right at the beginning when it is wet, that way I just go around my head, unclipping the clips and the RevAir just sucks that section in. I count about 30 seconds to myself, then I check to feel if my hair is dry; sometimes I will dry that section for a few more seconds. It all depends on how wet my hair is or how long I kept my hair up in my RevAir turban. I use a little heat protecting smoother serum on my hair, but I don't always. And you will see in my video how simple and FUN it was for me to use this revolutionary new dryer!

All in all, I love the way my hair turns out after using the RevAir and how healthy my hair feels to me, since using this product. I wish I had this when I was in high-school and college; you have no idea how hard it was for us to achieve smooth and straight hair in the 90's and early 2000's! But better late than never, and I'm just so glad I have the RevAir now! BIG thanks to the wonderful team at RevAir for sending me this product and sponsoring this post. I am so grateful because this product has really helped my life and my hair confidence. I waste less time on my hair and actually get the best result - a salon result at home!

Make sure to check out the RevAir website to find out more information about them and check them out on social media; they have a great instagram page!

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off - I hope your weekend goes as smooth as my hair has been these days!

*please note that while this was a paid sponsored review, my views and opinions are entirely my own*

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