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If you are single and do OMAD intermittent fasting, you can go on one date per night and never pay for food again...

If you are single and do OMAD (One Meal A Day) intermittent fasting, you can go on one date per night and never pay for food again. Food is expensive. How can you actually pull this off, you may ask? Maybe you are a sucky dater. Well, you are in luck today having come across this article. Oh, yeah - I have a chart and all. This is legit stuff.

Studies reveal that on average within 42 minutes and 29 seconds of a first date, most people know whether they would progress to a second date or not, proving that the first impression really does count, relying on green, red and beige flags as a cheat code for compatibility. 

So what are our top dating flags when it comes to food and drink? Interested to find out, surveyed over 2,000 people and uncovered some of the most common red, beige and green flags and discovered the dining habits that we wouldn’t put up with. 

Study highlights

  • 47% of people believe that offering to pay the bill is a green flag

  • Being a picky eater is a beige flag according to 62% of people

  • Not tipping service workers is labelled a red flag by 57%

The full dataset of survey results is available to view here.

The food flags in the dating world



Flag colour

% Agree

Offers to pay the bill



Not an adventurous eater



Makes a food or drink their personality (coffee, craft beer)



Rude to others



Doesn’t tip



Get your wallets ready, if you offer to pay nearly half (47%) award this act the second-best green flag of all time. Both men and women find it attractive for their date to offer to pay, with 48% of women and 44% of men considering it a positive act. 

Beige flags have taken TikTok by storm, with many flocking to the app to share their thoughts. This term refers to things that make someone a bit odd, straddling the line of being an ‘ick’. Whilst not ideal, they’re not deal breakers for most. However, it's best to steer clear of them, especially someone who is not adventurous with food, no one wants to make a romantic connection over bland food with 62% of votes. 

We all know them, the one who makes a point to show off their craft beer knowledge at any opportunity or talks about how coffee runs through their veins, their personality depends on a certain food or drink and that's all they bring to the table. This irritating infatuation earns them a beige flag according to 37% of people.

Whether it is clicking your fingers at your waiter, or forgetting your pleases and thank yous, it is never ok to be rude to others according to 65% of people who would not stick around long enough to see the bill.  

More than half (57%) of people deem not tipping a red flag, unsurprisingly so. Tipping with just a smile and a thank you was not good enough in 2023. 

I hope you were able to use this scientific data as a little cheat sheet. Now get to it. Go date and never pay for food again. We use smarts here.

Big thanks to for commissioning the data for this wildly useful content.

And for now, the Dirty Vegan is signing off. Be cheap and prosper!


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